THEORY AND TEACHING THEORY TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF SOCIAL AND HUMANITY SCIENCE RESEARCH OF STUDENTS /Tran Hanh Minh Phuong, Scientific Journal Of Thu Dau Mot University , No 6(31) – 2016, Dec. 2016

Theory instructs science researches for it is generally experience and knowledge that
has been accumulated from generation to generation. Furthermore, theory also provides
researchers basic knowledge to argue and interpret matters of research. However, in most
of universities, little attention has been paid to theory to be introduced, studied and
applied. Structure of a discipline often comprises of terms, objects, function of discipline or
the establishment and development progress, material sources, research methods, which
completely lacks of research theory frame. It can be said that universities should take lead
in introducing and instructing students to researching and applying theory. Besides,
academic theory works are necessarily translated and published.

Từ khóa: Theory; Social; Humanity; Reseach; Student

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